Welcome to Zuzana Krop Health Coaching

Hi, I am Zuzana, health & wellness coach, massage therapist, foodie, mum and wife. My passion and mission is to empower you on your journey to long term health & wellbeing and to accompany you on your journey becoming an expert in your own health.

Before I dedicated my full time carrier to health, I worked in a corporate business environment; from sports marketing working for Premier League Footballers, to the food industry. Over the years, I have seen how modern day stresses and unhealthy lifestyle takes its toll on one’s physical and mental health.

Zuzana Krop

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7 Pillars of Health

Sleep, Nutrition, Breath, Nature, Activity, Inspiration & Curiousity

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What is health coaching

Health coaching (by Zuzana Krop) is a practice in which a qualified and experienced person – a health coach, guides, supports and motivates you

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Package & Fees

Specific Goal Sessions, Personalised Meal Plans, Health Coaching Programmes, Talks & Workshops, The Extra's

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My Approach

Each client I work with is unique and so is my approach to them. Our genetic make-up, lifestyle, diets, environment, relationships, financial position … they all have an impact on what can heal, heart or poison us. We are all on different journeys, and I am here to meet you in your current position and guide you on an adventure to a better health and happiness.

My coaching style is friendly, educative and empowering. I believe in nature, science and research, and verify new trends before I am happy to incorporate it into health coaching. My goal is to empower you with bespoke solutions, helping you on improving your health & wellbeing long term.

You are in the right place

Have you been passing responsibility for your own health to other people? It’s time to get equipped with tools, strategies and insights in what will keep you thriving for many years to come…

I work with clients who would like to take care of their own health. If you would like support and guidance with healthy weight, improving sleep, gut health, strengthene immunity, heart & circulation, skin, joints & bones, or to take stock of your current health status and improve your lifestyle…

You are at the right place!

So what is your next step on your health journey?

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