Health Coaching FAQ’s

Health coaching (by Zuzana Krop) is a practice in which a qualified and experienced person – a health coach, guides, supports and motivates you to achieve health goals which matter to you, implementing suitable lifestyle changes, by using empowering education and positive psychology techniques.

Some of my previous client’s goals include improving immunity after a surgery and a course of antibiotics; health coaching in pregnancy; weight loss for a teenager; better sleep during perimenopause; reversing pre-diabetes using food choice; preparing quick & easy, energising healthy meals for a new mum; transitioning from a processed foods diet onto easy to cook home-made meals for a single client on a budget; multiply intolerance corporate menus; and the list goes on…

Health coaching sessions (in person or online) are friendly and designed to actively engage client in a health behaviour change.

As a client, you will be asked to fill in a detailed health questionnaire, which will be reviewed by your health coach, prior to the first session. During the session we will identify your existing skills, your barriers to success and the problems standing between you and your health. Depending on your health goal(s), you will be coached and motivated on your journey to a better health.

Some clients prefer to start off with a single goal session and build up on it, while others achieve better results when committed to a fixed term programme.

To assist you with your lifestyle changes, I can also recommend workplace changes that may be an option, or local classes /groups that may be applicable to help you achieve your goals.

All interactions with your health coach are completely confidential.

Everyone is at a different stage of their health journey and we all have different priorities. Sustainable health goals are identified with respect to your work/ home life, personal relationships.

For example you might want to eat better, take control of your weight, improve your immunity, benefit from better sleep, reduce stress, adjust to a life-altering health event, or achieve other positive lifestyle changes.

Most of the clients I work with have some sort of food sensitivity/ intolerance / allergy. It is important to mention it in your health questionnaire and we will work around it. I do work with clients who suffer from lactose intolerance, celiac disease, histamine intolerance, follow FODMAPs diet, etc….

There is a lot of research reassuring us that a plant based whole food diet is the best way for many people to achieve their best health. A well balanced diet is perfectly possible without consuming animal products, and most of my recipes are created on plant based whole foods.

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